SL Places: New World 18th Century Boston Harbour

In honor of this weekend’s Independence Day celebration in the United States, I decided to pay a visit to New World 18th Century Boston Harbour. From the place profile:

Welcome to 18th century Boston Harbour. Where Navy fleets & Privateers gather to battle, tell stories & party at the White Horse Tavern. Furry and Human friendly sims. This is a pro Navy sim! Pirates are not welcomed nor allowed to participate.

18th Century Boston Harbor

As you can see, the town is decorated for the 4th of July. Head down Main Street for shopping and a visit to Faneuil Hall.

18th Century Boston Harbor

Some of the boat owners were already getting into the holiday spirit: this ship has its own fireworks display! There was actually a giant, yellow ducky in the boat slip next to this one, but I derendered it (made it invisible) for the photos. Faneuil Hall is visible at the end of the boardwalk.

18th Century Boston Harbor

There are plenty of quiet and peaceful places to wander. If you like to fish, you can buy a fishing pole and spend some time trying to catch “the big one.” I didn’t actually see anyone catch anything, so I am only guessing that they were fishing for fish. It’s hard to tell sometimes in SL.

18th Century Boston Harbor

New World 18th Century Boston Harbour is not a strict role-play sim, so you are not required to dress in period clothing, adhere to specific mannerisms, or even be “human.” No pirates, though, so don’t show up all pirate-y. The maturity rating for this sim is M for Moderate.

18th Century Boston Harbor

Be careful where you walk – wild turkeys roam the streets. This guy even came right to the camera for his close-up.

18th Century Boston Harbor

Everyone I met during my visit was pleasant and helpful, even the cat avatar who mewed at me. 🙂

18th Century Boston Harbor

Stop by New World 18th Century Boston Harbour for a visit to the past this weekend. You might even see some fireworks!

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